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Ski & Snowboard Repair Service

Mountain to Sound Outfitters has some of the best ski technicians this side of the Cascades! We treat each ski and snowboard as if it were our own and tune each ski or snowboard by hand. We use wax from Sun Valley Ski Tools and a very special wax made specifically for the Cascade Mountain region, D-Funk Speed Hot Wax.

Bring your skis and snowboards in and we will get them sliding like they were new again!

We offer ski and snowboard repairs and ski and snowboard tuning to get you going like your gear is new.

Ski/Snowboard Tunes



Custom Tune w/ Hand Set Edges Base(s) flattened, stone ground structure, sidewalls prepped, hand set base/side angles to the customer's specifications, hand polished edges, topped with a fluorinated hot wax, scraped and brushed $60.00
Full Tune Base(s) flattened, stone ground structure, machine set 1/1 edge angles, hand file and polish edges at 1/1 bevel, all-temperature hot wax and scrape $50.00
Edge & Iron Wax NO RUST Machined set 1 degree side edge, side edge polish, hot wax and scrape. Only for skis in good condition! No rust as we will side edge only for a better hold in hard conditions. $35.00
D-Funk Speed Hot Wax Prepare to go fast! Special sauce iron on hot wax $20.00
Hot Wax Universal all-temperature hot wax, scrape and polish $15.00
P-tex Minor P-tex service, requires full tune Min. $5.00
Gouge Repair/Base Weld Consult with shop technician for estimate $75/hour
Top Sheet/Edge Repair Consult with shop technician for estimate $75/hour

Binding Services



Installation Ski prep, drill installation with binding glue $45.00
  With purchase of one of the following: New Ski, Boot, or Binding $35.00
  With purchase of ski package FREE!
System/Track Installation No drilling or glue required $35.00
Re-Install Prep and plug old holes and installation of new binding $50.00
Adjust & Test Binding adjustment and with Wintersteiger's Speedtronic torque machine $25.00
Expedited Service* Plan on a 3 day turn around, but we always will try to get you out as fast as possible. Bribe us!


* Based on demand at the time of equipment drop off, the minimum wait period is 3 days for ski & snowboard tunes. Next day turn-around for ski tunes is double the price (but we are happy to make it happen!)

** We understand there are unfortunate circumstances which may delay your ability to pick up your equipment, but due to the nature of our business, we are unable to take on the role of an equipment storage facility. Mountain to Sound Outfitters will provide a 5 day grace period for finished service equipment beyond the service ticket due date. After the 5th day, Mountain to Sound Outfitters will charge a $5/day storage fee. We appreciate your business and it is our pleasure to assist you.