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Head Great Joy (2014-15)

Head Great Joy (2014-15)

The Head Great Joy is a ski that you will rejoice that you have on your feet when the snow is variable or deep. The Great joy is remarkably lightweight especially when you feel how stable this thing skis, especially at high speeds. Head's secret weapon is a new material that is only one atom thick, Graphene. Graphene is incredibly strong, and extremely light. The Great Joy is made with tip rocker to absorb vibrations that crud can cause, keep you on top of powder, and initiate turns easier.  Graphene™, combined with Superlite Sandwich Cap Construction, delivers enhanced balance, control, and responsiveness for faster, more precise turn initiation and edge grip. The 98mm waist has true all mountain versatility for on trail and off trail riding. If you are looking for a ski that is powerful and light, the Head Great Joy will impress even the best of skiers.


SPEED: superfast
TERRAIN: powder, open bowls
SKILL: Top skiers
STYLE: excellent skiing technique
LENGTHS: 153 / 158 / 163 / 168 / 173
RADIUS: 14,3 @ 168
SIDECUT: 141 / 98 / 124 @ 168


  • Women's Camber
  • ERA 3.0
  • Super Light Weight Distribution
  • Structured UHM C base
  • Allride Rocker
  • Superlite Sandwich cap construction

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