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Eddyline Raven

Eddyline Raven

While the Eddlyine Raven is listed as "out of stock," the boat is still available through special order. If you are interested in a special order on this boat, please understand that delivery time ranges widely depending on vendor availability and time of year. Please call us at (2016) 935-7669 or drop by the store for more information.


In the late 1980’s Eddyline introduced a new kayak called the Raven, chosen for the playful nature of this bird. This boat was a departure from typical sea kayak design at the time as Tom Derrer, from his whitewater roots, wanted a more responsive, maneuverable and fun open water kayak. The Raven received kudos from his customers and numerous reviews.

“The Raven is kayakdom’s equivalent to the best German sports sedan… it’s the most responsive boat around.” Outside Magazine 1995 & 96     “Raven receives high marks for maneuverability, responsiveness and play in rough water and surf.” Sea Kayaker Magazine 1993

The Raven was the best selling kayak at Eddyline until our transition to thermoforming brought about the release of all new models.

Today we are pleased to announce the re-birth of the Raven kayak in an all new configuration suited to today’s technology and the desires of performance paddlers.

The “new” Raven features a raking bow and stern, hard chines mid-ship, and is very well balanced. This provides a “neutral” trim, creating a boat that is very quick and crisp handling in all conditions. All hull surfaces are fair, avoiding unnecessary turbulent flow and allowing the boat to be highly maneuverable without loss of forward speed. The harder chines mid-ship provide great tracking while on a wave and the raked bow and stern actually increase the waterline length when the boat is loaded. The Raven can accommodate multi-day touring as well as day tripping and ocean play.

Cockpit depth forward: 12.5 inches inside Cockpit depth aft: 8.5 inches outside.

Length: 16' 9"
Beam: 22"
Weight: 52 lbs
Cockpit Size: 31.5" x 16.5"
Capacity: 340 lbs
Volume: 12 cu. ft.
Seat: Sliding
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Here at Mountain to Sound Outfitters, we are not just salespeople, we are paddlers.   We offer demo kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboards for certain models, and partner with Alki Kayak Tours to let you try before you buy. Give us a call for more details at (206) 953-0237.

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